Recite the "Tight Hoop Curse" of safety and firmly build the "Golden Bell Guard" of safety

Date:2023-03-13 Source:This site Page View:166
  Safety is no small matter, and responsibility is more important than the mountain. In order to firmly establish the "safety first" awareness of all employees, strengthen the "red line awareness" and "bottom line thinking", Hualu Machinery always takes a cautious attitude and goes all out to do a good job in safety production. To ensure the production, operation, and safety goals of the enterprise in 2023, Hualu Machinery continues to strengthen and implement the safety production responsibility system, increase daily publicity and education, and organize various forms of exercise activities to help the enterprise develop healthily, sustainably, and steadily。

· The "first responsible person" system for safety production


  The "first responsible person" system for safety production assigns safety responsibilities to each region and department, subdivides the scope of responsibilities, focuses on safety risks, and prevents and resolves risk hazards。

· fire drill

  Fire drills enhance employees' awareness of fire prevention, master the fire handling process, enhance their coordination and cooperation ability in handling emergencies, enhance employees' awareness of mutual and self rescue in a fire, and clarify the responsibilities of the fire prevention responsible person in a fire。

· Regular safety production meeting

The plan for a day is to infiltrate safety production promotion into the morning meeting and establish the "first line of defense" for safety production。

· Safety production training

  Regularly organize and hold safety production training, solidly promote safety basic knowledge training, improve safety basic literacy, and firmly establish safety production concepts。
· Daily promotion of safety production